Most of us don’t realize it, but our hair keeps an ongoing record of our daily lives. If you know how to ask, hair gives up the gossip! It’s enough to make you go gray!

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What Color was Ramses II's Hair?
What Color was Ramses II's Hair?

Since hair doesn’t decay, it preserves information about us much longer than skin. How is this helpful to scientists and historians? By shedding light on life in ancient times, for example.

What Color was Ramses II’s Hair?
L’Oréal’s advanced research laboratory studied hair from the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II.

Using hair fragments found on the shroud, the research team discovered several facts that were of great interest to Egyptologists.

First, a study of the melanin grains revealed that the pharaoh was naturally blond and that he used a coloring agent (probably henna) to give his hair red highlights.

An electron microscope showed that his hair was quite damaged, not only because of poor conservation conditions, but also as a result of tinting. The hair’s elliptical shape confirmed that Ramses II was Caucasian. All this information came from one lock of hair, 3000 years after his death!



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